"We have watch the beautiful Graybill & Downs candles fly off the shelves. Besides their wonderful scents, each comes in elegant packaging and makes the perfect gift for ANY occasion!!!  We are loving all of them but especially the English Ivy & Oakmoss."  Janie Sims | Buyer at Social | 660 South Perkins Road, Memphis, Tennessee | +901.766.6746

"The exceptional scents, wonderful packaging and tremendous customer service makes Graybill & Downs the perfect brand for our upscale boutique.  Our customers at The While Lilac love the high quality and uniqueness of the Graybill & Downs products!
"  Christine Burkett | Owner at The White Lilac | 38 South Main Street | Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts | +978.526.8338

"We love Graybill & Downs in our home!!  If you know me, you know my obsession with gardenias, tuberose, peonies and boxwoods, right up my southern-bred alley. Graybill & Downs candles are the perfect pick me up and sets the tone for the home I like to keep; bohemian with a classic twist along with fine little details!  That said, I seem to be cultivating a fan in my daughter - she was commenting on the lovely scent as I was trimming the wick yesterday.Hopie Avery | Editor at The Scout Guide | Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill, North Carolina

"Graybill & Downs is the ultimate personal indulgence or hostess gift.  It is one of my best sellers at Wanderlustre.  The luxurious packaging means no gift wrap is necessary.  The scents are absolutely heavenly and the intensity is the perfect balance of encompassing pleasure with being overbearing.   This independent brand is on its way to being a major player in fragrance.  I am enjoying the boutique exclusivity while it's still "our little secret"." Katy Grogan Ivanfy | Owner at Wanderlustre Design | 419 Court Street, Brooklyn, New York | + 347.335.0399

"We absolutely love Graybill & Downs candles.  The scents are exquisite and the elegant packaging make them the perfect gift; no need to gift wrap!"  Jennifer Ball  | Manager at Barnsley Resort | 597 Barnley Garden Road, Adairsville, Georgia

"What a serendipitous experience it was encountering Graybill & Downs.  We were in the initial stages of planning our new home decor store when we first noticed Graybill & Downs’ beautiful Instagram posts.  Subsequent conversations with Paul, led to a sampling of their fragrances.  Once tested, we knew we had to offer this collection of  understated and elegant scents to our market.  We also recognized that these superbly refined scents would help us create the unique shopping experience and environment that we wanted to offer our fellow El Pasoans. Our customers and friends have all responeded so enthusiastically to Graybill & Downs subtle yet memorable scents and to their unique approach in blending the legacies of southern gentility and English heritage.

When our store opens in April, Graybill & Downs will not only be featured prominently  as our favorite home fragrance line but will also be considered an intergral part of our impetus for creating Paradigm Texa Graybill & Downs in our home!!  If you know me, you know my obsession with gardenias, tuberose, peonies and boxwoods, right up my southern-bred alley. Graybill & Downs candles are the perfect pick me up and sets the tone for the home I like to keep; bohemian with a classic twist along with fine little details!  Robert W. Lomnicki & John R. Zimmerman | Owners at Paradigm Texas | 2719 North Stanton Street, El Paso, Texas

"I instantly fell in love with Graybill & Downs exclusive collection of candles, hand wash and hand moisturizers.  Filled with softness, elegance and calm scent, these products bring a lovely touch to my home.  I will be back for more."  Nathan Rollinson | Founder & Creative Director @ The Rollinson London | London, United Kingdom

"We have been carrying Graybill & Downs since their inception, and we love them as well as our clients.  My personal favorite is the gardenia; I have never smelled a closer likeness to beautiful  fresh cut gardenias.  These candles burn beautifully to the end!! Our clients in Southampton cannot get enough of them.  We have also carried the full line of hand soap and lotion, which is pure heaven."  Erin Meaney | Owner at Topiaire Flower Shop | 51 Jobs Lane, Southampton, New York | +631.287.3800

"I discovered Graybill & Downs a few years ago and have been a loyal fan every since!  Admittedly, I'm a bit of a candle snob, and they never disappoint.  I've sent them as countless gifts and, of course, keep a full stock for myself at home.  Currently, the Dune Lily & Cumberland Sea Salt is my favorite, but you just can't go wrong with any of their scents." Gregory Zarian | Actor, Lifestyle Expert and Model

"Graybill & Downs' candles are one of the treasures in our store.  We're especially fond of the English Ivy & Oakmoss.  These candles are beautifully ensconced and burn forever."  Mary Bergtold Mulcahy | Owner at Les Indiennes | 444 Warren Street, Hudson, New York | +518.828.2811

"Our customers love Graybill and Downs!   The Sweet Magnolia & Fig hand cream is our best seller, with Peony Boule de Neige a close second.  All of their hand creams make your skin feel so soft! The Wild Honeysuckle & Jasmine candle flies off the shelf." Debra Camitta  | Owner at Curate | 327 1/2 Millburn Avenue, Millburn, New Jersey | +973.258.0400

"Graybill & Downs is the only line of luxury candles we selected to carry in our store when we opened.  The elegant design, timeless, fresh scents have added so much warmth to our shop.  Our shoppers have become loyal customers of this candle line and therefore so have we."   Sarah Cyrus | Owner at Sarah Cyrus Home | 1194 Huff Road, Atlanta, Georgia | +404.481.5881

 "A smart, chic, beautifully scented product.  From the packaging to the the fabulous price Graybill & Downs is must have for every home"  Mary Alice Blackmon | Buyer at Annelles Primos & Associate | 4500 I-55 Frontage Rd #126, Jackson, Mississippi | +601.362.6154

"It is a toss up …..what do I love the most? The elegant packaging or the exquisite scents."  Walton Estes | Owner at Harpbeth Gallery | 73 White Bridge Rd #102, Nashville, TN 37205  | +615.297.4300

"Graybill & Downs has set the standard for luxury home fragrances. Each fragrance is artfully created, and evokes all the feelings and pleasures of a beloved garden."
  Kate Morrison | Owner at Eastover Collection | 363 Church Street North | Concord, North Carolina | +704.942.6426




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