MUNCHMUSEET | OSLO by Norma Poindexter

Did you know that there is more than one version of Edvard Munch’s The Scream, that the painting has been stolen twice (and recovered), and most surprisingly, that the figure in The Scream isn’t actually screaming? That’s right, Munch said the actual scream was coming from the surroundings around the iconic person, who is trying to block out the scream that they hear. The universal symbol of anxiety painted by Edvard Munch, 1863-1944, is one of priceless Munch pieces debuting in the new Munch museum, Munch (Munchmuseet), at the long-anticipated opening on October 22, 2021. Besides the 200 permanent Munch works, the stunning collection will consist of almost 28,000 artworks and more than 42,000 unique museum objects that Munch gifted Oslo, and will additionally contain works from 3 other artists: Rolf Stenersen, Amaldus Nielsen and Ludvig O. Stenersen. Edvard Munch’s bequest represents one of the largest collections of works by a single artist, and Munch will house the largest collection of Munch in the world.

Munch’s stunning, highly distinctive museum building has been designed by Estudio Herreros. Herreros’ vision was to transform Oslo’s skyline, and bow respectively to the city. Set on Bjorvika Bay in Oslo, the striking building prism framed in translucent pierced aluminum will reflect Oslo’s everchanging, beautiful light conditions year-round. The 13-story vertical Museum tower has 2 zones: the static zone of enclosed concrete containing a secure, protective environment for the paintings; and the dynamic zone with an open, transparent façade, offering patrons incredible views over the city. Herreros’ intention is for people to discover not only the artworks, but also Oslo and its history.

Edvard Munch’s largest works will now be displayed in a specially designed double-height gallery, and the rest of his pieces like Madonna, The Scream, and The Sick Child will find all the space that they need in over 11 galleries. Art workshops, literary readings, a concert hall welcoming up to 700 people, the 13 th floor gourmet restaurant, bars, a cinema, scenic outdoor rooftop terraces, and design shops complete the Munch’s experience.

Munch, an iconic Norwegian artist, grew up in a tragic childhood and experienced a wildly dramatic life. He bucked traditional Impressionism and felt a need to go deeper and explore situations brimming with emotional content and expressive energy. Munch will now provide the glorious, free-flowing environment to best surround these brilliant creations for the first time.

MUNCH, Bjørvika: Edvard Munchs plass 1, 0194 Oslo
Images courtesy of MUNCH

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