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Thank you for inquiring about Graybill & Downs fragrances for one's home and personal care.   


"Embark on a sensory journey of the unexpected with Graybill & Downs fragrances." We loved this line so much it's on every product!  Inspired by the fine perfume houses of Europe, Graybill & Downs luxury home and personal care collection is distinctive, evocative and recall a time and place forever captured in one's memory.   A modern, classic!

Our "note"worthy blends hark to founder's Paul Byron Downs' English and Southern heritage through the marriage of both the Downs and Graybill families outside of Savannah, Georgia in 1932.  Even today the historic C.E. Graybill mercantile building located in Hagan, Georgia about an hour east of Savannah which carried dry goods, hardware, groceries and general merchandise still stands.

Graybill & Downs candles, diffusers, liquid soaps, lotions and scrubs use the finest fragrances and materials (over 75% outsourced in the United States) will all our products packaged in our elegant signature pewter-gray, linen-embossed boxes punctuated with a gray satin ribbon.  Simple, clean, elegant.  Retailers and customers alike are loving the singular sophistication of our fragrances and look!  

Founded a little over three and a-half years ago by Paul Byron Downs, Graybill & Downs is a culmination of Paul's experiences through work, travel and education. Brought up in Atlanta, Paul's path took an unexpected turn as he moved to Europe shortly after graduating college to being modeling; (featured in notable publications, advertisements and runway shows like Arena, Banana Republic, W Magazine and International Vogue to name just a few).  While living in London, Paris and Milan, Paul was immersed in the culture which included the classic European fashion and fragrance houses.  After several years in Europe, Paul moved back to the United States to New York City where he spent the next fifteen years working in management and development for hospitality trendsetters like Ian Schrager, Andre Balazs, Taylor Florence and Jean George Vongerichten.

When launching Graybill & Downs in his hometown of Atlanta in late 2013, Paul's vision was to create an American fragrance company which harked to the fine parfumeries of Europe.  His goal also was to draw inspiration from his English and Southern heritage, using this as a springboard to introduce truly unique fragrances blends such as Sweet Magnolia & Fig, Boxwood Grove and Tobacco & Orange Blossom; just a few of our 13 distinctive fragrances. 


Hopie Avery | Editor at The Scout Guide | Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill, North Carolina
"We love Graybill & Downs in our home!!  If you know me, you know my obsession with gardenias, tuberose, peonies and boxwoods, right up my southern-bred alley. Graybill & Downs candles are the perfect pick me up and sets the tone for the home I like to keep; bohemian with a classic twist along with fine little details!  That said, I seem to be cultivating a fan in my daughter - she was commenting on the lovely scent as I was trimming the wick yesterday."

Christine Burkett | Owner at The White Lilac | 38 South Main Street | Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts | +978.526.8338
"The exceptional scents, wonderful packaging and tremendous customer service makes Graybill & Downs the perfect brand for our upscale boutique.  Our customers at The While Lilac love the high quality and uniqueness of the Graybill & Downs products!" 

Janie Sims | Buyer at Social | 660 South Perkins Road, Memphis, Tennessee | +901.766.6746
"We have watch the beautiful Graybill & Downs candles fly off the shelves. Besides their wonderful scents, each comes in elegant packaging and makes the perfect gift for ANY occasion!!!  We are loving all of them but especially the English Ivy & Oakmoss."  

Katy Grogan Ivanfy | Owner at Wanderlustre Design | 419 Court Street, Brooklyn, New York | + 347.335.0399
"Graybill & Downs is the ultimate personal indulgence or hostess gift.  It is one of my best sellers at Wanderlustre.  The luxurious packaging means no gift wrap is necessary.  The scents are absolutely heavenly and the intensity is the perfect balance of encompassing pleasure with being overbearing.   This independent brand is on its way to being a major player in fragrance.  I am enjoying the boutique exclusivity while it's still "our little secret"." 

Robert W. Lomnicki & John R. Zimmerman | Owners at Paradigm Texas | 2719 North Stanton Street, El Paso, Texas

"What a serendipitous experience it was encountering Graybill & Downs.  We were in the initial stages of planning our new home decor store when we first noticed Graybill & Downs’ beautiful Instagram posts.  Subsequent conversations with Paul, led to a sampling of their fragrances.  Once tested, we knew we had to offer this collection of  understated and elegant scents to our market.  We also recognized that these superbly refined scents would help us create the unique shopping experience and environment that we wanted to offer our fellow El Pasoans. Our customers and friends have all responeded so enthusiastically to Graybill & Downs subtle yet memorable scents and to their unique approach in blending the legacies of southern gentility and English heritage. 

Erin Meaney | Owner at Topiaire Flower Shop | 51 Jobs Lane, Southampton, New York | +631.287.3800
"We have been carrying Graybill & Downs since their inception, and we love them as well as our clients.  My personal favorite is the gardenia; I have never smelled a closer likeness to beautiful  fresh cut gardenias.  These candles burn beautifully to the end!! Our clients in Southampton cannot get enough of them.  We have also carried the full line of hand soap and lotion, which is pure heaven." 



  • Patricia Atschul - Sweet Magnolia & Fig candle
  • Jennifer Lopez - Peony Boule de Neige candle 
  • Donna Mills - White Pine candle 
  • Denise Rich - White Pine candle
  • Taylor Swift - Wild Honeysuckle & Jasmine candle
  • Kimberly Whitman - Sweet Magnolia & Fig candles and lotions, Peony Boule de Neige candles and lotions
  • Gregory Zarian - Basil, Sage and Lemon Hand Lotion, Dune Lily & Cumberland Sea Salt candle, Gardenia candle, Peony Boule de Neige candle


๏    10.5 oz.
๏    65­hour burn time.
๏    Blend of soy/paraffin wax.
๏    Clear glass vessel.
๏    Two-­lid, pewter-­colored, linen­-embossed box with gray 5⁄8” double­-satin ribbon.
๏    Made in the USA.

๏    Best if stored at room temperature.
๏    For first burn allow wax to reach container perimeter, typically between 3 to 4 hours depending on room temperature.
๏    Keep wick centered and trimmed to no more than 1/4" at all times to prevent excessive flame or smoke, allowing for a burn time between 2 to 4 hours.
๏    Place candle on a fireproof surface away from flammable materials, drafts and vibrations.
๏    Allow candle to cool before moving, due to hot wax.
๏    Never leave a burning candle unattended.
๏    Keep out of reach of children and pets.

FRAGRANCES  ​­ ( F​ull Descriptions Available Below )
๏    Basil, Sage & Lemon
    Boxwood Grove
๏    Dune Lily & Cumberland Sea Salt
๏    English Ivy & Oakmoss
๏    Fleur De Coton
๏    Gardenia
๏    Lilac, Hyacinth & English Rose
๏    Orange Spice, Juniper & Fir (with tartan / cranberry ribbon for the holidays)
๏    Peony Boule De Neige
๏    Smoky Earl Grey
๏    Sweet Magnolia & Fig
๏    Tobacco & Orange Blossom
๏    Tuberose
๏    White Pine ( winter scene / hunter green ribbon for holidays)
๏    Wild Honeysuckle & Jasmine

๏    6.7 oz | 200 ml.
๏    3­4 month evaporation.
๏    Diffuser base is free of VOC's or Volatile Organic Compounds.
๏    Elegant Italian glass bud vase.
๏    Two-­lid, pewter-­colored, linen­-embossed box with gray 5⁄8” double­-satin ribbon.
๏    Made in the USA.

FRAGRANCES  ( F​ull Descriptions Available Below )
๏    Dune Lily & Cumberland Sea Salt
๏    Peony Boule De Neige
๏    Sweet Magnolia & Fig
๏    Tobacco & Orange Blossom

๏    5 oz | 147 ml
๏    Liquid soap (Made in the USA) + aloe and vitamin­-b; infused with Graybill & Downs fragrances.
๏    Lotion (Made in the USA) + organic botanicals; infused with Graybill & Downs fragrances.
๏    Thick glass container with black apothecary­-style pump.
๏    Two-­lid, pewter-­colored, linen­-embossed box with gray 5⁄8” double­-satin ribbon.
๏    Gray 5/8” double ­satin ribbon with bow accent.
๏    Made in the USA.

FRAGRANCES  ( F​ull Descriptions Available Below )
๏    Basil, Sage & Lemon
๏    Boxwood Grove
๏    Peony Boule De Neige
๏    Sweet Magnolia & Fig
๏    Tobacco & Orange Blossom

๏    8 oz | 236 ml.
๏    Indulge your body and senses with our Foaming Sea Salt Body Scrub.
๏    Our exfoliating scrub uses the therapeutic properties of sea salt from the Dead Sea along with the antioxidant benefits of olive oil beneficial to one's skin.
๏    Two-­lid, pewter-­colored, linen­-embossed box with gray 5⁄8” double­-satin ribbon. 
๏    Made in the USA.

FRAGRANCES  ( F​ull Descriptions Available Below )
๏    Fresh Mint, Eucalyptus & Bergamot
๏    Sandalwood, Cedar & Orange


The green fragrance of stately English boxwood ­­ a standard of coveted homes, from old­world English estates to modern American residences ­­ is enhanced with light citrus notes of lemon leaf and zesty bergamot, and grounded with earthy sandalwood, oak and hints of burnished leather and amber.


Coastal breezes stir the white dunes of Cumberland Island as rare sea turtles watch wild descendants of English horses race across its pristine beach. The distinct scent of sea salt first invigorates, then calms as it intermingles with that of seagrass and dune lilies. Inspired by childhood family escapes to this magical remote sanctuary.

Graybill & Downs’ English Ivy & Oakmoss brings together the green notes of classic English Ivy which can be found gracing estates and manors in England with the popular standard in the finest perfumes of oak moss known for its rustic yet sweet fragrance.

A bouquet of the finest cotton blossoms combined to create a fresh, air­cleansing fragrance redolent of sun­bathed pristine linens and crisp white shirts swaying in warm Southern breezes. Like the highest­quality cotton, this is our softest scent.

Pamper yourself with Graybill & Downs’ Fresh Mint, Eucalyptus & Bergamot fragrance inspired by spas and renowned for their ancient therapeutic properties. Both fresh mint and eucalyptus have been known to help boost brain function, while bergamot more recently linked to its antidepressant benefits.    Our unique fragrance combined with the exfoliating qualities of Dead Sea Salt and olive oil’s moisturizing benefits creates an experience needed to help one’s skin in today’s hectic world.

Some aficionados have deemed Graybill & Downs’ Gardenia candle as intoxicating as the perfume of this classic Southern blossom itself. The waxy, bright­white flower was named after 18th c. British naturalist and physician Alexander Garden, who lived in Charleston, SC where his garden introduced the New World’s first gardenia. True to Garden’s flower, our Gardenia fragrance is both pure and sensual, conjuring lazy summer evenings spent chatting on the porch.

Graybill & Downs salutes this coveted and ancient snowball­like garden flower with a delicate floral top note nuanced by hints of spicy dianthus and green foliage. Orange blossom and vanilla linger at the bottom creating a subtle scent that is perennially ideal.

Ring in the holidays with Graybill & Downs' Orange Spice, Juniper and Fir Candle.   Warm your spirits and home with our unique blend which combines the nostalgic Christmas scents of orange peel, clove, cinnamon with the winter green needles of juniper and fir. 

From the parlors of London to the quaint cottages of the Cotswolds, Earl Grey as been an afternoon tea tradition for centuries in England.  Dating back to the early 1800's, Earl Grey tea with its deep, rich notes of black tea was transformed when the sweet, citrus notes of bergamot were introduced.  Building on this tradition, Graybill & Downs' Smoky Earl Grey Candle captures this distinctive tea then infuses underlining notes of smoke to create a truly unparalleled and elegant fragrance.

The rich, woody fragrances of sandalwood and cedar come together with the uplifting, sweet oils of orange in Graybill & Downs’ Sandalwood, Cedar & Orange. Our unique fragrance combined with the exfoliating qualities of Dead Sea Salt and olive oil’s moisturizing benefits creates an experience needed to help one’s skin in today’s hectic world.

Graybill & Downs’ signature fragrance, Sweet Magnolia and Fig, pays homage to this truly iconic blossom whose unmistakable fragrance permeates the air... a fragrance that immediately says you're in the South! Her floral sweetness is balanced, and the Southern traditions of warmth and hospitality prevail, with an infusion of sun­ripened dark fig. Lily of the Valley and freesia subtly offer supporting notes, creating a fragrance as intriguing, complex and flavorful as the South itself.

Tobacco & Orange Blossom speaks of bygone eras when the enticing scents of bespoke­garbed gentlemen and their resplendent ladies wafted through drawing­room doors onto verandas and became as one in the open air. Rich, creamy tobacco leaf and cognac subtly flirt with the sweetness of orange blossoms and hints of sensuous cherry. Nostalgia never smelled so sublime.

Lush. Romantic. Sensual. Extravagant. All words used by passionate devotees of tuberose to describe Graybill & Downs’ tribute to this exceptionally fragrant night ­blooming flower that justifiably boasts a long, costly history in the world of perfumery. Just slightly tempered with soft notes of citrus, green foliage and musk, ardent fans of tuberose can rest assured that our Tuberose candle maintains the potent flower’s heritage as one of the world’s most fragrant little luxuries.

If you’ve ever taken a walk in a pine forest, you’ve smelled Graybill & Downs’ White Pine candle, which brings the great outdoors into your home with the authentic but restrained scent of Eastern Pine. At once refreshing and cozy, like all the best parts of fall and wintertime.

Two of nature’s most heady flowering vines intertwine and climb to new heights in Graybill & Downs' Wild Honeysuckle and Jasmine candle. No shrinking violet, it potently captures the brief late­spring/early­summer sweetness of honeysuckle wafting through fields at dusk blended with the sultriness of night jasmine in full

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